Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don't You Just Hate Spammers?

I got hit early this morning from a spammer. Some person named Susana commented on about 10 posts. She does have a blogspot account but you can't view her profile or I would have contacted her directly. Maybe she'll view this post and get the hint? Underneath her signature line was a link to some type of payday loan of whom she's obviously an affiliate. The way that works is that if you were to click on her link, then use their services she would get a commission for referring you. I have no problem with affiliate programs per se, but when people comment on posts just to give you the link - well, them's fightin' words. So I've spent the better part of an hour deleting her comments and making sure she can't comment on any others. Comments are now on moderation, but I check my email several times a day and will approve my REAL friend's comments within a short time. You know, she might have gotten away with it if her comments had made any sense. But I could tell from what she said that she hadn't really read the posts. I've heard about a website entitled "Masterminds need not apply" that features dumb stunts pulled by would-be crooks. She might want to register with them. Just saying.


Lisa said...

Oh! I have been getting alot of that lately on my greenpress blog but not here on blogspot (the blogs are the same). I was starting to get freaked out by the LOSE 10 POUNDS in 7 DAYS posts... I wonder WHO actually says "OH GOOD there is a spam link in this blog, I think I will click the link and buy the shady diet pill" They can't be getting too much business from spamming our blogs can they?
*shakes head*

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

Darn, I only got the one to have my wrinkles taken care of in New York with Botox injections...

You mean I could make $ Or lose weight! dang what's wrong with my blog that I don't get the GOOD comments:)