Thursday, November 18, 2010

And The Story Continues...

You may remember the story about the fire that happened at the farm where I just bought 3 new goats. If not, refresh your memory here

I was thinking that this family is trying to rebuild their business as well as their lives and lost quite a few goats in the fire. So I contacted them to see if they wanted to buy some of my goats, since I had purchased 5 of my does from their farm (the 3 new ones and 2 others that are currently milking). So I whipped off an email to them. I got a call 1st thing the next morning. Whether you believe in God, or a higher power, or just the alignment of the stars, you have to admit this is just way beyond mere coincidence. Personally, I'm going with God! They want all 7 of my does.

Ok, so now I've got goosebumps just thinking about all the "coincidences" that had to be orchestrated to bring this all about. Originally I was looking to buy just 2 new does and I wanted ones that were of breeding age. I called this lady because I had gotten goats there before and were pleased with them. I sent her a check for 2 of the 3 she had available, then called her back a week later to say I'd take the 3rd one, and I didn't know why at the time. I had decided to sell 2 of my other goats and the woman who had wanted to buy them never sent me a deposit and now I can't get in touch with her to ask if she still wants them. Then I was supposed to pick the new ones up at the end of October but for some reason, which rarely happens in my profession as a massage therapist, all of my appointments on a certain day rescheduled, leaving me with an unexpected, rare, and unplanned day off. So all things considered I have 7 does available that will help this family get back in the cheese business. And to add to that, my email went to her spam folder. She said she never checks there but for some reason found herself in there that night.

Somehow, knowing that I'm helping God help this family eases the heartache of parting with these loud, obnoxious, opinionated creatures that have totally enchanted my heart. And I know they'll be well cared for and totally loved in their new (well, old for some of them) home. I'm not sure exactly when they'll be leaving as the family has to make room in their replacement barn for 7 more. But in the meantime I get to continue to enjoy their company, and, of course, that yummy milk!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Page Turns, A Chapter Ends, But The Book Isn't Finished

Things change, sometimes with dizzying speed. Life throws you a curve, you duck, and find yourself headed in the opposite direction. So it is with me these days. After much painful thought, and many, many shed tears, it is with great sadness that I announce the end of my small homestead farm.

One of the problems with small homesteading, as I'm sure those of you who have animals can relate to, is the serious lack of freedom to get away. And it's very expensive to hire someone to "farm-sit" while you're away - like $60 a day expensive. The cost of care and feeding alone is expensive, let alone adding that kind of expense to the equation. Both people have to be totally committed to the lifestyle of self-sufficiency to make it work, willing to give up travel freedom to spend long hours of drudgery for little monetary reward. To those of us who are farmers in our core being, it's a labor of love. I had grand plans to have a small commercial kitchen finished and inspected by next spring and begin a cheese making endeavor as a retirement business. But, as the saying goes, life is what happens while you're making other plans.

But have no fear, farming is in my blood, in my DNA, and I'm hardwired to it, it's part of who I am. So, like a duck is drawn to water, I may yet resurface in the distant, or not too distant, future with another homestead, obnoxious goats and all! When the time is right. But for now the tears fall with each contact I make to sell my very loved animals. And whoever buys them better be prepared to have a very lonely ex-farmer visit.

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