Monday, September 26, 2011

Hotel Canoe

I would think there would be more comfortable places than the dry end of a wet canoe to check in to take a nap. Just sayin'.
"Do you mind? I'm trying to take a nap here."

"Huh? What? Who's clicking the camera?"

"What's that? There's water in the other end of this thing? Well, I'm sure it'll come in handy if I get thirsty."
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

New "Government Math" Diet

For those who understood using "government math" to get our new tractor free, I don't see why that same principle wouldn't work for dieting. If I eat a salad for lunch, saving 400 calories from what I could have had, that means that the 2 donuts I had for breakfast only netted 100 calories. Then if I have carrot sticks for snack, another salad for supper, I would save another 600 calories or so. If I apply that to an 800 calorie banana split that I want for dessert, then it would only be 200 calories. That means I've only had 300 calories so far for the day, meaning I can pig out on chips while watching TV without having to worry. Hey, works for me!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free Tractor (aka Government Economics)

Our old tractor was getting, well, old. So we started looking at new tractors last summer but decided to wait due to not being able to afford a new one just then. This year I've figured out how to use the same economic principles the U.S. government uses to get a free tractor. Actually the old tractor broke down so we had to get a new one, but free ones are even better.
Basically, it works like this. If you want a $60,000 tractor but end up choosing a $30,000 tractor, the $30,000 savings is applied making the final cost $0. Then the dealer gave us $10,200 trade in value on the old one. The backhoe was about $10,000 so that means they owe us $200.

The only problem with this plan is that the finance company doesn't understand all this. I tried to tell them about how it works for the government but they're just not getting with the program. Can you imagine they're actually demanding that I make monthly payments? I'll have to start working on how I can explain about my plan to put that new roof on for free next year!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Remote Control Cattle Roundup

Every once in a while someone, somewhere, comes up with an innovative idea. This one just might have possibilities. This person is either incredibly ingenious, or has to much time on their hands. Either way, there's said to be a fine line between genius and insanity. You decide.
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