Friday, January 20, 2012

Everything Starts Somewhere

In the overall scheme of things a new desk might not be the biggest news item for our family. But since I'm the one that handles all the family's paperwork, it's a really big deal to me. I've gotten along for years using just about anything with a flat surface for a desk - from the dining room table to putting a roll out tray inside a book cabinet. Desks are, after all, expensive, and if I can make do with something just as efficient I'm all for letting one's creativity go wild. But recently I've begun to feel cramped and disorganized by the piece of particle board over a file cabinet next to a cabinet where the printer, paper and incidentals are kept. As you can see, the setup is cramped and cluttered.
So off to the furniture store I go. My, I never dreamed there were so many kinds of desks! Flattops, rolltops, large ones big enough for an office suite of the most esteemed CEO, and ones small enough for a small child's bedroom. Styles, materials, finishes and colors galore. The store copied several color catalog pages of desks so I could bring them home and live with the pictures for a few days. Sort of like bringing home paint chips and taping them to the wall to see if one grows on you. After a day or two of measuring and imagining, I finally decided on this one. Of course, now the dining/living room which also serves as my home office will have to be repainted. Can't put a new desk against old paint. And then, with that room repainted, the adjoining room will start to look like it needs a fresh look....

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


The first week of the New Year is gone, and so are my New Year's resolutions. I've heard it said that New Year's resolutions are a to-do list for the first week of January. I don't think mine made it even that far.

Like many people, the first thing on my list was that I resolved to eat healthier. I gave up trying to lose weight years ago so I figured that if I just resolved to eat healthier, the weight would take care of itself. That lasted about 4 hours until someone offered me a cookie. That led to another, and another, well, you get the picture. Before long I was stuffing my face, looking like a human version of Cookie Monster, only not blue. 2nd on the list was to get at least 15 minutes exercise every morning. Here in the frozen north of NH it's very icy this time of year so the safest way to walk is on a treadmill. I haven't even resurrected it from under the piles of stuff where it has remained buried since I got it last year. It has been of some use this past year, however, because the handles make a convenient place to hang the plastic bags for recycles. Number 3 was to bring my 2011 accounting up to date. The week is over and I'm not even 1/4 way through. Which brings us to the 4th thing on my list - to be better organized. Now where did I put that list?

What about you? What are some of your resolutions, and are you being successful?

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