Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiful Afternoon, Beautiful Bride

My oldest daughter, Erin, got married this afternoon. It was a picture perfect day, a beautiful bride, and a very happy family. And, of course, a very happy Mom.

My new son-in-law, Nick, not only married my daughter, but her 3 children as well. Left to right is 17 year old Nate, 14 year old Emily, Erin and Nick, and 12 year old Christopher. What else can I say, the picture says it all.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Might Be Short, But I'm Smart!

The bigger does practically climb the trees to get to the juiciest branches, but the kids can't reach. When you're short you just have to be inventive. This goat kid figured out a way to get to the choicest browse. 

Lambing/kidding season is over for the year. It was a good year all in all. Everyone's healthy and strong, young'uns are growing like weeds, spring is upon us (although it did snow yesterday), and summer is just around the corner. Here in the north country we have 4 seasons - almost winter, dead of winter, still winter, and better get prepared because another winter is coming up fast. Summers are all too short. Perhaps that just makes them more precious. 

My son, who lives in southern IL, called on Mother's Day and mentioned that he's been mowing his lawn for at least 2 months. Ours is maybe 2" tall at best. Almost time to let the sheep/goats out to mow it. Hey, no blade of grass goes to waste here. 

We're preparing for a busy summer season - we have more fences to put up, more trees and brush to clear to open up more pasture, and the ongoing work of finishing the barn - like putting hot and cold running water in the milk room and working on the barn kitchen so I can get inspected to sell goat cheese. Talon (bratty 3 yr old horse) is leaving in a few weeks to go to the trainer's for the summer for driving training.  He's decided he doesn't want his mane and tail brushed so they'll address that little issue as well. I expect he'll be learning a lot over the summer as well as having a great time running with horsey type friends. Right now his only companion is the buck who always seems to have a few strands of horse tail hair wrapped in his horns. Don't worry - the buck will have the ram to keep him company as he has to leave his ladies June 1st. I'm just not a fan of mid-winter lambs!

Oh, and by the way, our internet bandwidth has lowered below the percentage required so Nate gets to survive a little longer. With any luck he just might make it to his 18th birthday!

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