Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do The Funky Lamb

We think we figured out the reason for Lambchop’s lameness (see yesterday’s post). Try as I might I can't seem to get her weaned even after a week in a separate pen. She's about half the size of her mother, plus being chunky, and has a really hard time getting under her mom in the usual nursing position. So she backs up about 10', adjusts her feet into position (sort of looks like a bull planting his feet in preparation to charge), leans back just slightly more, then charges head down toward her intended goal, spreads her front legs apart and skids into home base on her belly, slamming into her mother’s udder so hard she almost knocks her over. Perhaps it’s that front leg spread that’s bothering her shoulder – ya think! Hey, this might catch on as a new dance move.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sheep At McDonalds?

I had to take Levite, one of our Pyrs, to the vet for a re-check on an ear infection that was found when he was in for his shots a few weeks ago. Lambchops, a 3 month old Rambouillet lamb, has been limping and really favoring her right front leg. Since I was going to the vet anyway, I wanted him to check her since I didn't see any obvious reason for it. I put a large dog crate in the back of the truck and grandson Nate helped me put her in it, then covered it with a blanket and strapped it down. Vet didn't see anything wrong either and felt she might have just pulled a muscle. After the vet's appointment we stopped at the McDonalds drive-through. Nate is now of driving age (not licensed but able to drive with a licensed person) so he was on the ordering side at the drive-through. The conversation went something like this:

McDonalds person: Hello, welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?
Nate: Give us just a minute, (Lambchops, VERY loudly, from the back of the truck: BAAAAA. She sounded more like someone belching loudly than a sheep.) We're still deciding.
McD, slight chuckle: OK, let me know when you're ready.
Nate, laughing: OK, we're ready (BAAAAA), we'll have a (BAAAAA) #6 with a Coke, and a (BAAAAA) #8 with a diet, no (BAAAAA) ice.
McD, louder chuckle: Will that be all?
Nate, laughing louder: (BAAAAA) Yes.
McD, laughing uncontrollably: That'll be $12.65 at the first window.
Nate, laughing hysterically: (BAAAAA)

When we got to the window, the person had tears running down her cheeks and she was absolutely speechless. The baa-ing continued from the back of the truck, Nate was laughing hysterically, muttering something about hoping they didn't have him arrested for sexual harassment.