Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Night!

Looks like I'm going to have a couple of bottle babies after all. Genevieve wanted OUT, NOW!!! She thought the first day was kind of neat but after that she realized they'd be hungry have of the time and want to play or snuggle the rest. So.... Genevieve is glad to be back with her adult buddies and doesn't miss the wee ones a bit. And I've got 2 house guests for a little while (for my convenience until I get better accommodations for them in the barn) taking up residence in Roxy's dog crate, and all snuggled down for the night. Roxy thinks they're pretty cool but wishes they'd play chase and can't understand why she can't go in the crate with them.


Bil said...

They sure are cute!! I need a couple of goats in our back pasture to clean up the blackberries!!

Judi said...

They are so cute and they are going to be so spoiled! Yeah, I bet they make it to the barn! Ha he he

Shellmo said...

What is it about baby animals that tugs my heart! Gosh I love your little goats!