Monday, May 7, 2012

Poor Baby!

Poor Baby - we brought home a new goat on Saturday - Baby Doll, a 5 week old Snubian (cross of a Saanen and a Nubian). Poor thing broke her leg yesterday. She was racing off the stairs and got her leg caught. She kept going, her leg didn't. Needless to say she's had a rough weekend - she left her home and many friends her age for a new home with only 1 friend (we only have 1 other baby goat), then broke her leg on Sunday. But all is not lost. She got plenty of cuddles on the couch with daddy and even got to sleep in the house in a dog crate next to my bed. Went to the vet this morning to have her checked out. He was impressed at the "cast" I put on her leg. She has to keep the soft cast on for 4 weeks and not get it wet. Yeah, right!
AAAHH, the life of a "house goat"!
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LindaG said...

It's great that you new how to do that!
And good that you have a vet nearby, too.
Hope your goatie heals quickly!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I have had 3 goats break legs.. 2 were not so smart wethers!.. Bad breaks too. But they healed up really well! The other was a doeling that caught her pastern and there was nothing to do for it.. It healed up with out being splinted and she was just fine..