Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Bean Salad

The garden is making a comeback after it suffered "death by goat" over the July 4th weekend. (Click here for a refresher on that story.) The squash and cucumbers have loads of blossoms, beans and peas are coming along nicely, the replanted broccoli and cauliflower are starting to look like I just might get something before frost, the tomatoes which weren't actually eaten but got trampled by hooves that were frantically trying to exit the garden ahead of the barking and snarling English Shepherds ("You don't belong in Mom's garden! Get out NOW! Do you hear me? I said, NOW!"), have loads of blossoms and tomatoes about the size of small plums. Now, promise you won't laugh. This is the first of the vegies to be picked - 3 green beans. I guess that means I can literally have a "3 bean salad" for lunch!

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Delirious said...

My sister makes "Dilly beans". I just made some for the first time, but you have to let them "cure" for a few months. I will get to taste them in August. I've had my sister's dilly beans before and they are delicious. They are pickled, and have some red chili for spiciness. If you are interested I can give you the recipe. :)

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I've had them before and they are delicious, but I leave out any hint of hot spicy stuff. Mild taco sauce is too hot for me!

I have a great way to make them - I grow lots of beans (well, I usually do, except for the goats having other plans for them) and give a lot to my neighbor who makes the dilly beans, then gives some back to me. Now isn't that an easy recipe? OK, so I'm lazy. But I prefer to look at it as using my time efficiently. LOL

Eileen said...

Reminds me of when I ate the entire year's crop of our cherry and plum trees one year...2 cherries and 5 plums lol

Tonia said...

LOL At the "3 Bean Salad"! I missed the Death by goat but I think that was when I was without my PC.. I like the way you make Dilly Beans!! That a good trade!