Friday, June 25, 2010

Talon's Summer School Adventure

Talon, my 3 yr old Gypsy Cob (aka Gypsy Vanner) gelding is away for the summer being taught how to drive. He's being trained by Melody Madison of Shamel Arabians, who has loads more patience than I would have, but then, that's what trainers are for. He got a bit of a slow start as he seems to be very "sensitive", as she called it. It seems he's very timid of the other horses. When the trainer tried to integrate him into a paddock with two others he hid behind her. When she left he tried to hide behind a rock. Now here's another instance where the trainer is better than I am. I would have had a rolling-on-the-ground, peeing-my-pants laughing fit! Then one of the horses bit him - three times! "Sensitive" isn't the word that comes to my mind. "Wimp" is closer to what I'm thinking. And the other horses know one when they see one. Well, at home he lives with a goat so maybe he would feel safer with shorter horses. 

Then there was the matter of him being willing to work to the left, but not to the right. But one day the light turned on and he said "Oh! Is that what you want me to do? Well, I sort of knew that all along. (Clears throat.)" Notice the picture is taken while he's working to the right! Woo-Hoo!

A little girl at our church wanted to come over one Sunday to visit Talon. DH explained that he was away for the summer at school. When she got over her skepticism about horses going to school he then told her that Talon was learning to drive. She exclaimed "Horses can't drive cars!" Probably not, but he might be better at it than my grandson! (Click here for the story on that one). 

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