Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupid Sheep - Part 2

After yesterday's struggle getting my dumb sheep into the other pasture I figured today would be easier. They all should have learned that you can just go through the open gate with the flock. Right?

Wrong! I opened the gate, called to the sheep and as the flock hurried through into the pasture those same two lambs that had such a hard time mastering the extremely complicated go-through-the-open-gate-maneuver decided they didn't want to get left behind today. So in racing to keep up with the others they crashed full-speed into the fence right next to the gate. One of them hit it with such force he bounced back on his butt. They then ran down the fence line looking for the way in.

Perhaps it was because I was doubled over laughing but they came back to the open gate to see what I was doing, noticed it was open and decided to try just calmly walking through the opening, trying their best to look like they possessed some small amount of intelligence. They looked very surprised that they could reach the flock that way. Perhaps they really can be taught? Maybe not.


Andrea said...

I started laughing before I even started reading. I recently had a similar experience with chickens.

grammy said...

Those funny little crazy lambs. That must have been quite the picture.

Maggie said...

Sheep definitely have hard heads - figuratively & literally!

Oh, poop. I commented, now you won't force feed me chocolate... heehee