Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He's Quick!

I needed a new bale of hay brought into the barn. These aren't just ordinary bales mind you, they're the big round ones wrapped in white plastic, look like giant marshmallows and weight a bazillion pounds. The only way to move them is with the tractor and a chain. Not a hard task, but definitely "man work". I reminded GS (grandson) yesterday that he needed to move a bale into the barn for me and suggested he do it during daylight. I had enough hay for last night but definitely needed that bale for morning feeding. He insisted that he'd do it this morning. Well, this morning came and he was having tractor problems. It seems that one of the front tractor wheels freezes up overnight and won't turn until it thaws out. Apparently this isn't the first time it's happened so it shouldn't have come as a surprise. He then made the crazy suggestion that, instead of moving the bale into the barn, I open it outside and just take hay off it, then cover it with a tarp, or move it myself later when the wheel thawed. I mentioned that perhaps he should have moved it yesterday when I asked, informed him that I was NOT going to be taking hay off it outside or move it myself, and he'd better figure a way to get the tractor problems solved quickly so the horse could be fed. He was in a hurry to go snowboarding with a friend, hence the suggestion that I just take hay off it outside, then move it myself later on. I then commented that with 2 menfolk in the house there were certain things that I shouldn't have to be concerning myself with, and #1 on that list was tractor problems, #2 was working with a big bale of hay myself. I then posed the question "If I have to do it myself then why do I keep menfolk around?" Now here's where he was quick on the draw. Without hesitation he answered, "to blame things on when things go wrong." Yup, he's learning.

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Melody said...

LOL! Smart boy!