Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye Kisses

The day began like any other. Get up and dressed, let dogs out, get fire going in stove, put on multiple layers of clothing, head out to barn. Give hay to horse, give hay to goats, feed chickens, feed dogs, get water for everyone, collect eggs, wash eggs, take off multiple layers of clothing, get human breakfast. Then about 11 o'clock we hitched up the horse trailer and loaded the does (that's female goats for you non-goat people) to transport them to their new home. When we arrived there and got them settled in their new digs, I knelt down to say my goodbyes. They all gave me kisses and hugs, as only goats can do. They all tried to get in my face at once. Some nibbled on my hair while others gently tugged on my jacket. They all tugged on my heart. I miss them already. But.... I will be getting 3 of their babies back next summer so we can keep the brush trimmed. Without them I fear all our land clearing will be quickly overgrown. So goodbye for now goaties, but since I'm addicted to goats, it'll only be a short while till I get some new friends.

Meanwhile, I still have to sell the buck who is moaning pitifully because his ladies are gone.

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Delirious said...

I have always loved goats too. My kids say my dog looks like a goat, and maybe that's why I like her. :)

~ Janis said...

Its never easy parting with your barnyard companions. Glad you are getting some kids back.
What about the dogs?
Are you keeping them?
I love your redneck cap. Done the same thing til I could find a real one I could barter for. Hope you are digging out of the deep snow. I am up Nawth too.
Come vist the herd when you have a chance:

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Keeping the dogs. I wouldn't have any chickens without them. I'll check out your website soon.

~ Janis said...

Forgot to ask you where you got the Pyrs from.
And where in S NH did you move from ?
To what town in N NH?
Did you get that snow squall at 4pm? Holy cow!!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Janis - We got the Pyrs from West TN Animal Rescue (WTAR). We've fostered several from National Great Pyrenees Rescue over the years as well. They're great dogs and very devoted to keeping the animals safe. We moved from Derry to the Colebrook area about 10 years ago. Love it up here. Didn't get a squall but it's snowing pretty steady now.