Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Girls

"We know when we arrived a few days ago we were very frightened. And we do realize we weren't much better yesterday, preferring to hide in the corner. But this morning we're feeling much better about things in general, and we're ready to make friends with our new family and especially you, our new Mom who feeds us. And by the way, can you tell us what time breakfast is served because this feeder seems to be quite empty? We sort of got hungry in the middle of the night and, well, we kind of ate everything there was. Some hay would be nice, and maybe a little grain if you could manage it. And then after breakfast, we think we might be ready to join the others we've been seeing on the other side of the fence."
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Shelley said...

I want to hug all 3 of you!! I'm sure you have a great home!!!

Deb Goodwin Potter said...

Such beautiful babies. My one Saanen is from Agape' stock as well. Very sweet temperments from their Saanens. Now the Nubians are another story!
If I had known you were hanging around all that time I would have had you come visit my place while you were here.
Hollow Tree Hill Farm