Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talon's Graduation

Grandson Nate in the driver's seat!
Talon graduated from driving school today. He even got a diploma! Our trainer did a fantastic, super-duper job. Now it's time to enjoy all he's learned - and we've even got some beautiful fall weather left. I'm going to have to search out sleigh runners for the cart for this winter. Oh, the adventures we're going to have!
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Delirious said...

AWESOME! I wish I could come and sit in the there a passenger seat? lol

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It's a 2 seater buggy. So come on over and we'll take him for a spin!

lindsayjwilson said...

The post about NAIS, now called ADTP...where did you find out about the name switch?

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

The government claims ADTP is a different program but you know the old saying - if it smells like ...., looks like ...., it probably is.... check out info on and articles such as this one:

Carol............. said...

Love the diploma!

So when can I come over so you can give ME a ride? LOL

I'll be checking out ADTP.thanks for the link!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

LOL - come on over and we'll go for a ride!