Friday, March 12, 2010

Survival Seeds

DH and I have talked a lot over recent years about growing, and storing, non-hybrid vegetables. As hybrids and GMO crops take over the market it seems like a really smart thing to do. I know you've probably thought about it too, or maybe you're already doing it. We've searched websites and found various prices, some of which we could pay off our mortgage with what they're charging. But we recently came across this company, Hometown Seeds, that sells a package of about 1 1/2 lbs. of 16 different vegetable seeds, all sealed for long term storage, complete with instructions for planting and/or storing, and at a very reasonable price. They've even got a sale going on right now. And it's also nice to find a company that's pleasant to deal with. Joni sent out my order and I received it in about 4 days! Now that's service! Now I just have to wait for spring so I can start growing my new non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds. And the best part is I can harvest the seeds from this years crop for next years garden! How cool is that? (And before you ask, no that's not my garden in the picture. I got that from Hometown Seeds website as an inspiration to what my garden is "supposed" to look like. Mine is always far from that but perhaps this will give me incentive. Or maybe I can put the picture on a post in the garden to inspire it to grow properly - and without weeds!)

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Andrea said...

Love the inspiration ideas. Do you suppose the weeds will be deterred by a lovely sign? Can't hardly wait to be my hands in the dirt. Happy Mud Season!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

The 4 seasons in northern NH are almost winter, dead of winter, still winter, and mud! (Or as a friend from the southwest put it - 9 months of cold weather followed by 3 months of things that bite.) With this beautiful weather I'm just counting the days till we set up the greenhouse and I can play in the dirt.

grammy said...

That looks...sounds like a great idea
some other blogger talked about it awhile back
I am not a gardener or I might try them (o:

Carol............. said...

Another good source is Seed Saver's Exchange. Also, there must be information on how to long-term store seeds. Will look into that once I return to Washington State and start my garden.

Maggie said...

I'm a big fan of heriloom, open pollinated seeds. Good for you! We get ours from and the Seed Savers Exchange... This nice weather has been such a tease - it makes me want to start planting!!!!