Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road Salt

Ever wonder why vehicles that come from the southern states don't have much, if any, rust? Or, to put that in reverse, why vehicles that come from the northern states do rust? Here's why - road salt! On days when the roads are wet from the salt melting the snow, it splashes up onto the vehicle. On days when the roads are dry, the salt dust swirls in the air like fog as it gets kicked up from traffic. I did a Home Depot run in Littleton yesterday, which is about a 3 hour round trip. Besides coming home with my truck loaded with materials to continue the barn building, it looks like I picked up enough salt to keep my whole yard clear for the rest of the winter!

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A New England Life said...

Isn't that awful? It's salt overkill if you ask me. My suv is dark blue but right now it looks grey. Sure wish I could get it washed without the doors freezing shut!

Andrea said...

Yup, it's nasty. It doesn't matter how careful I am about getting into my car I always manage to get my long coat covered with that white dusty junk. Oh and the roads are starting to get nice a rough with heaves and potholes already! My sister-in-law from California just doesn't understand why they don't fix the roads.'s New England.;D