Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sitting Goat and Other Weird Animals

This is Grinch, our goat who thinks she's a dog. I've never seen a goat sit like this before. While all the others are laying down chewing their cud (sounds yummy doesn't it?) Grinch will be sitting on the hill overlooking her territory, doing her best impersonation of a dog. I'm waiting for her to bark, or with just a lift of the head, she could howl at the moon.

And if that's not strange enough, here's one of the lambs who likes to lay in the water trough. The lambs don't have names because they all look alike and I didn't get close enough to see the ear tag number, but I believe it's the same one each time I see the trough occupied.

When she knows she's been seen, she ducks down like she's playing peek-a-boo. (I know you wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't seen it.) Somewhere in the deep recesses of her minuscule sheep brain she may be thinking that if she can't see me I can't see her.

OK, so I've got weird animals here. But it just adds to the fun of farming.


Maggie said...

Funny! We picked up our lamns this weekend and one of their flock was laying down in the water trough too!

~Tonia said...

I have seen my goats sit like that but its usually when they are Very pregnant!!!
That is to funny about the lamb.. My goat kids love laying in the black feeders or water tubs if they are empty.
It would be very dull if your animals werent a little different!!lol

An English Shepherd said...

Great looking goat :-)


Andrea said...

How fun!

grammy said...

That is one funny goat and the lambie is so cute (o: Such entertainment from your animals. Glad you enjoyed the trip to the temple.

Evelyn said...

Oh, I so totally understand the trip to the temple!
I've seen our goats sitting like that. Not often, but they do sometimes. Both the kids & lambs like to lay in the feed pans. I think it makes them feel safe. And, yes, they do hide. I used to have a horse who would hide, behind a pole. He'd move forward a little & if he could see you, he'd move back, so he couldn't see you (& of course... you couldn't see him!) lol

tree said...

i just caught one of my goats sitting down like this as well, and had to google to see if it was normal. How funny!! i'm glad to see my goat isn't the only one that does this. :)