Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Lamb

We had a Veteran's Day surprise. Well, OK, it wasn't really a surprise since we did know that Bruce, the ram, broke through the fence one night in mid-June. Knowing the nature of rams we figured he wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to break through a 4' livestock fence supported by metal posts if he didn't have an overwhelming need to be with a most desirable ewe. And the next morning we found him being VERY attentive to Sweetpea, a very attractive, dark gray Columbia/Rambouillet cross. We put him back in his own pasture that next day and re-inforced the fence with electric wire on his side which seemed to deter his Cassonova tendencies. But, as many a teenager will tell you, it only takes one night of passion to have an oops. So our little ewe was born in freezing temperatures and we quickly re-discovered our springtime sport - watching our electric meter spinning out of control to feed the 250 watt heat lamp.

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