Friday, September 12, 2008

An Iraq Veteran has a personal message for Barack Obama

If you agree with this video please e-mail it to all your friends. If you don't agree, just ignore it and I'll love you anyway. By the way, this video is NOT part of the McCain campaign - it was not paid for nor approved by him. It is just this person's (and my) opinion. God bless America!


Straight Talk on McCain said...

As a veteran myself, I find it unfortunate that McCain is yet again exploiting members of the military for his own political gain. Of course those in the military have made sacrifices. No one questions the service of our military members. But all the reasons this young man states that the war is not a mistake are none of the reasons why it was stated we were invading Iraq. We invaded Iraq because they supposedly held WMDs and were an imminent threat. I have no intention of voting for Obama, but I can understand why someone else might when McCain so obviously is willing to take advantage of us veterans for his own campaign.

American Way Farm said...

Just in case you didn't read the entire blog post, this video is NOT part of McCain's campaign, NOT endorsed by him nor paid for by him. This is just that particular person's opinion, as well as my own. You're certainly entitled to your opinion as well, but at least get it straight that this is NOT a case of McCain exploiting vets for political gain.

Jerome said...

WOW!!! There is nothing else to say!!!!!!!!! Some people say McCain paid for this, but, they are just upset because Obama is not viewed as real American, so no one is saying these things about him. He has yet to say anything about supporting our freedom, or how he even plans to make America a better place he just says he will. What sacrifices will Obama make if any??????