Monday, July 28, 2008

The White Ghost

This past weekend my youngest daughter and her fiance visited. He is a big guy - college football star build. Levite didn't like him at all. He's never seen anyone that big so he took him as quite a threat. When Marc walked up to the fence Levite rushed up with fur all bristled, barking ferociously. When Levite was sure that Marc wasn't going to come inside the fence he went to check on all the animals individually that were laying in the barnyard, even checked each chicken. Looked like he was counting them. When he was satisfied they were all safe he placed himself between the animals and Marc and just stayed there until Marc left the area. One time a sheep started to come up to the fence and Levite snapped at her to send her back to the others. Later, my daughter and Marc did come into the pasture with me to see what we had done with the fencing and Levite was OK, but cautious, with Marc while I was there, even let Marc pet him a few times. But all the time we were in there Levite was skulking about 15-20 feet from us, first in this bush, then behind that tree, then in that grass. He was like a white ghost just keeping watch from a close distance to be sure we were safe. I'd hate to even think about what he would have done if Marc had shown any aggression. And I almost pity any coyote that mistakenly believes he can snack at our farm!

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Gemini said...

Wow. I had no idea that Great Pyrs were so dedicated.