Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Farm life has a certain rhythm. Daily chores to do, goals to accomplish, animals to feed, family to care for. It seems the list is never ending. Included in this rhythm is the very basis of life itself - birth of babies and older animals who die. I can remember this same rhythm from the time I was a child on my grandmother's farm. It seems no one had to ever explain the "birds and the bees" to me, they just seemed a part of life. Just like birth and death were a part of life. We tend to think of birth as a good thing and death as a bad thing. But I've learned they are both part of life. As sad as death makes us it's not always a bad thing.

One of our first ewes, Isabelle, who has been with us for a while, died. All of our animals are pets and she was one of my favorite ewes. Her last lamb was Lambchops who was born this past February. Isabelle had a way of looking straight into your eyes and seeing into your innermost thoughts. She will be greatly missed.


Diane Lockwood said...

It's so good to see you in your look as young as ever, if not younger than I saw you last. I can't remember your Weimaraner's name but is she the same puppy you had in Derry?

Hilary is moving to Antrim to be near her Peterbourough job and Liz is in Manchester. Dick and I are doing well in Laconia. I'll enjoy checking into your blog.
Diane Lockwood

American Way Farm said...

Hi Diane,

So good to hear from you. Yes, Indy is the same pup you remember. He's 10 1/2 now and getting gray - or should I say getting white. But he's doing very well and you'd never know he's that old except that he has less of a sense of humor about the new pup.

Glad to hear you're all doing so well. And thanks for the "young" compliment. It's not easy being 60. Most days I don't feel it but every once in a while.....


Gemini said...

It was the same for me with "The Birds and the Bees." I lived on a ranch up until I was six or seven. It never had to be explained; I knew because it was a part of life. The goats, horses, dogs, and such...there were always births and deaths and so there was no need to explain.