Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speaking Sheep

I have a neighbor across the street who comes up for the weekend from CT only a few times a year. Since the Pyrs aren't used to hearing anyone over there they stand at the end of the pasture and bark in his direction all night. So when he visits we put the flock in the paddock near the barn at night. When we let them out in the morning Levite, our domanant male, insists on being first out of the gate to check out the pasture. Then when he's sure it's safe, which only takes a few seconds, he "tells" the sheep to follow him out and they follow in a calm and orderly fashion out to graze. I don't speak sheep but apparently he does because they obediently wait at the gate for the "all clear". They know just from his body language when they can go out. However, it frustrates him that the goats don't care, or perhaps he doesn't speak goat.

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