Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Barn Building Continues

If you've been following our barn building project you may remember that last year we were able to get the 2nd section of the barn completed. (If you want to refresh your memory you can see that project here.) Over the summer we built the center section of the roof and this past weekend we were able to enclose the center of the barn on the west end, connecting the 2 sides. We worked right through the snow storm - it was in the high 20's, gently falling snow, no wind. In short, very pleasant working conditions, especially for this time of year. Next weekend we enclose the east side, weather permitting. After it's completely enclosed the temporary center walls come down which then opens it up into one big barn instead of 2 smaller ones.

Also, thought I'd mention here, that the reason some of the siding is a different color is that I had the bright idea of painting the panels before we put them up. Great idea in theory. However, right in the middle of that project we had tons of rain and I couldn't get them all pre-painted. We could put them up in the rain, but not paint them. So.... some of them went up painted, some weren't. The final color will be the dark brown to match the house. Although the checkerboard effect is very avant-garde, don't you think?

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Shelley said...

That is going to be one beautiful barn!!!
Happy new year to you Sandy!

Andrea said...

How exciting. What an accomplishment.

cheesychick said...

The barn looks AWESOME! I love the style of it. I guess I'm a little jealous.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It's called a grainary style barn. The middle portion has a 2nd floor, which is usually used for hay/grain storage. But here it'll be my workshop and regular storage.

Deb@hollowtreehill.com said...

Hey Sandy,
Just saw your barn blog for the first time. What a great idea to do it in sections like that. Sharing this with our son who starts his barn this spring.