Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work on the Barn

We started our barn 3 1/2 years ago with the plan to do 1/3 each year for 3 years. We just got the 2nd third done so we're right on schedule I guess. We're also on year 9 of our 5 year plan to build our house. So now we have an unfinished barn to go with the unfinished house. The barn will be 36'x36' and my husband had this great idea to build 1/3 of it at a time - a 12'x36' section with the 2nd 12'x36' section facing it with a 12' isle in the middle, then connect the roof and remove the temporary interior walls. Great plan. So here we are in the middle of a north country winter enclosing the 2nd section. So far we'd had a fairly mild winter but the day after we finished getting it enclosed the snow started. Good thing - don't want to be on a metal roof when it has snow on it. Snow slides off like an egg off greased teflon , and so would the person standing on the roof, which would have been my grandson. Nate climbed around on that roof and on the staging like a monkey. Jim and I are too old to do roof work. We leave that for younger people who bounce better.

The sheep and goats will be extremely thankful in another month or so when they have this nice place to have their babies. And I will be extremely thankful as well since I would have had to move lots and lots of stuff in the previous section to make room for them. AHHH! The convenience of a new barn that hasn't yet been filled up with human stuff. By next year I'm sure I'll be coaxing Jim to connect the roof so I can have the room for the critters to have next spring's babies.


Andrea said...

Great color for the barn roof!
Those long term plans are hard to wait for at times but always worth it. Plus you have the time to decide if the first design is truly what works best.
Folks who have small farms have to be creative to make a go of it. My family's dairy had to constantly think of other ways to supplement the business to keep everyone and everything feed. If you love it you do it. Have fun and keep warm.

Shelley said...

Can't wait to see the completed barn!