Thursday, January 1, 2009

Making GORP aka Reindeer Food

Yup, Gorp. For those of you who don't know what that is, well, it's sort of like trail mix only sweet instead of salty. We also call it Reindeer Food because when my children were little we'd leave cookies and milk for Santa and a bag of Gorp for his reindeer. Rumor has it that Rudolph was especially fond of the marshmallows, Vixen had a liking for the raisins and Dasher went nuts over the cashews.

We ran out of propane gas this morning. Long story but our former gas/oil company went out of business and didn't come pick up their gas tanks. The new company won't deliver until the existing tanks are removed. So... we had to wait till they were empty, disconnect them, call the new company so they can deliver their tanks. Figures they'd empty on a holiday.

Anyway, had to place the white chocolate (in my opinion, there's no such thing) in a pan of water on the wood stove so it would melt. Hey, here in the boonies there's always a backup plan (at least there'd better be).

Recipe for Gorp
3 lbs. white chocolate, melted in double boiler

Mix the following together in large bowl:

4 cups rice checks
4 cups wheat checks
4 cups honey nut cheerios
2 cups cashews, or peanuts, or mixed nuts
4 cups salted pretzel sticks

Pour melted white chocolate over the top while mixing thoroughly. Place onto several lightly greased cookie sheets until cooled. Then break into chunks. Add the following:

1 package chocolate covered graham cookies, cut into pieces
1 large package mini M&Ms
1 large package chocolate chips
2 cups raisins
1 bag mini marshmallows

Spoon into ziplock sandwich bags.

Of course, the dogs are always willing to lend a hand on cleanup, just in case anything falls on the floor.


Andrea said...

Sounds yummy, will have to mix up a batch. Great to hear from you. Best wishes for a Happy NEW year! A~

Melanie said...

We'll be making this soon:)

(like your cabinets! btw)

Lisa said...

I am going to link my blog to yours. I loved reading all of this. We also are building our farm dream in NH but we have WAY less than 50 acres. We only have around 10. ANyway its been great "getting to know you" via blog!