Monday, January 19, 2009

More Before and After Pix


Ok, I promised to post some before and after pictures of the outside. We haven't done too much there other than finish the railing on the deck, change the color from an ugly cinnamon pinkish to dark brown, and enclose the farmers porch to make it into a 3 season porch (which I don't have updated pictures of yet but will in the spring. Second picture still shows a lot of outside work to do).

Now don't get all excited, the house is not as big as it looks in the pictures. It's only 24'x32'. When we moved here we downsized on purpose. It's been a bit of a culture shock learning to live with less stuff. I spent the first half of my life collecting stuff and I'm spending the second half getting rid of it all. One time when I decided to give a lot of stuff away, my oldest daughter asked me if I was very sick or even dying. She thought that when people are terminally ill they give all their stuff away. I assured her I was quite well and didn't have any plans to leave this earth quite yet.


Shellmo said...

I've been trying to get rid of stuff too! I always think of what the comedienne George Carlin always said "a house is just a place to put your stuff."

Andrea said...

Love it.
We are downsizing too.
It is somehow liberating.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

We live in a small home too! We had a choice of a big house on a small lot .... or a small house with plenty of outdoors. We chose the latter ... and I've never missed all the stuff we've left behind.

Your place is lovely. That big window is a dream bringing the outdoors right into your living space. I love it!