Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Start the Tractor for Me, Please!

Honey, would you go start the tractor for me and de-ice the windows and everything so I can plow the driveway? I'll make you breakfast and have some nice hot chocolate for you when you come in.

Linda Chappell photo

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goatlady said...

oh my god, does this tractor have a door?

L Chappell said...

missing just one. The fact the rear window is gone too might have something to do with it. It made for some awesome photos. Hubby thinks he'd like to find a door and window to fit. Wonder why?

~Tonia said...

WOW A little frosty in there!! Lol!!

Scooter Tasmania said...

Wow i couldn't live there lol
How do you guys do it?

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

We get used to it. Plus the summers are incredible, even if they are short.