Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Thankful for Small Things

I had bought 3 new Saanen does and was due to pick them up the end of October. For some unknown reason I had an unexpected day off last Tuesday so I called the lady I was buying them from Monday afternoon and asked if I could pick them up the next day. We made the arrangements for her to expect me between noon and 1:00. I drove down there with a friend and no one was there. We waited, and waited, went out to lunch, then waited some more. Given that it's a 7 hour round trip we decided that waiting was more practical than coming home without them and having to go back at the end of October as originally planned. After all, we figured they'd have to be home sometime to do the evening milking.

About 3:45 they showed up in a big van with all their kids they'd picked up from school. The lady forgot I was coming! In her defense, they had a new foster child arrive a bit unexpectedly Monday night so I'm sure things were crazy trying to get the new kid registered in school etc. Anyway, we get the goats and leave, arriving home way past dark. I'm glad my friend was with me because I get very sleepy when I drive, especially when the sun starts to go down.

Now here's the part where I'm really thankful and reminded that God is mindful of even the small things in our lives. Yesterday the farm where I got the goats had a fire that leveled their barn and damaged the house. (Click here for the full story.) Most of the goats, all of their sheep and chickens died. My goats, since they're young and not milking yet, were in a part of the barn that they definitely wouldn't have survived. This morning I gave those 3 new does a big hug and some extra grain as I'm reminded that God was mindful of them as well.

Please join me in prayers of comfort and support for the family that lost their home and business. And take a look at your life and tell me what you're most thankful for, even the small things.
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Delirious said...

How sad for that family!

I'm glad your little does are safe. They are precious!

Tonia said...

Oh my How heartbreaking for that family... To even think of how to deal with something like would be mind numbing.. I am glad you got your does.. I hope they are able to recover and rebuild things...

Ryan said...


Think about offering one of the does back when they are ready so they can rebuild their herd.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Ryan, I was thinking of something similar - These 3 does were with her Saanen buck for a short while. I have a Boer buck. Saanens are milk goats, Boers are meat goats. I like the crosses for meat production. I'll know in the spring which buck the kids are from. I'm planning to give any doeling Saanen kids back to her. Since she makes cheese she wouldn't want the crosses and the purebred Saanen doelings would help rebuild her herd.

BTW, the newspaper article was incorrect. They managed to save 6 goats. Some of the ones that died were kids or young ones not yet producing, and a buck. So they'll be able to at least make some cheese and hopefully keep their business going.

Mama Mess said...

I'm sorry to hear about this family. I will remember them in prayer. I like the idea of you giving back to this family as well! God bless!