Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caution: Don't Do This With Your Head!

I really wonder if these boys will ever make it to adulthood without killing themselves. This is just one more example of why parents pray for the safety of their children every day. Grandson Nate is demolishing his bedroom ceiling so we can replace it. His friend Roger was visiting and decided to help him. I really think using a hammer would be ever so much more effective - and safer. Perhaps we need a warning label on the ceiling "Caution: Don't demolish ceiling with your head!"

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Linda said...

OMG.... the things boys do to themselves!!! I hope he wasn't hurt... but I don't think you'd have thought it was funny if he was.

I hope part of Nate's room remodel w/ be correcting the hanging of the flag??? It's not being used as a curtain... is it?

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Roger was hurt, but not seriously. He had a sore neck for a few days but has since recovered - because he's 15. But when he's 30 and suffering from headaches and a massage therapist asks him if he's ever had whiplash, I hope he remembers this and isn't too embarrassed to admit it.

Nate had the flag hanging on the wall originally but liked the effect of the light shining through it when he hung it over the window. So.... yes, and no, on the curtain thing. It wasn't intended as a curtain but as a wall hanging. I checked with DH and he said it wasn't really disrespectful. Where DH works at GE, if they put the flag at half-mast they should pull down all other flags so they're not higher. But they continue to fly the others right where they are - now that IS disrespectful.