Friday, March 26, 2010

Lamb.... It's What's for Dinner!

These 2 lambs have taken up residence in the hay feeder. Good thing sheep are vegetarians or they might think this is the new item on the menu. BTW, the chicken in the foreground isn't really as big as it looks. It's just, well... in the foreground, which makes it look like Godzillachicken. And the lambs really aren't midgets.

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Delirious said...

When I was growing up, every summer we would go to visit my grandparents. In that town, on July 24th every year (pioneer day) they would have a mutton fry. Mutton is so greasy, and has such a strong flavor, that it has ruined my taste for lamb. Those two little fellas can rest peacefully when I'm around. :)

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

It depends on the breed of sheep. Hair sheep, such as Katahdins, have a VERY mild flavor both as lambs and as mutton. The strong greasy flavor comes from the lanolin in the fleece that gets into the meat. The older the lamb/sheep, the stronger the flavor. Hair and shedding sheep such as Katahdins and Dorpers don't have fleece and lanolin so it doesn't give them a strong flavor. It also depends on how they're raised. Mine are totally grass fed, no grain, so they don't get fat. Don't cross all lamb off the menu till you've tried these breeds, grass-fed. I don't like most lamb either, but Katahdin and Dorper lamb, and mutton, is the best. All my customers say the same - they've got relatives who hate lamb/mutton but when they eat what my customers buy from me they quickly change their minds. Many have called me to order their own.

Andrea said...

They are so sweet. Just adorable.

grammy said...

Lambs are so cute
I had a friend growing up that raised chickens
one of them laid a HUGE egg
and she named that chicken 'Horse'
it made it to the newspaper with a picture of the egg
maybe Horse was related to Godzillachicken (o:

Carol............. said...

I have to admit I do love lamb........I just try not to associate the meat at the butcher's with the beautiful babies

hmmmmm that does seem kind of hypocritical, huh?