Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CNN Speaks Out Against White House

Never thought I'd see the day....

Hmmm.... some folks seem to be getting an error message. If you do, use this link to view it directly from YouTube.

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Bill said...

How typical! But... it's 'change'. All we were promised was change, there was never ANY mention of what type of change!!! Just change.
I'm not too unconvinced that the people who said Obama was the AntiChrist were too very wrong. I definitly do believe that he is NOT a US citizen & should not be elegible to be Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.

Carol............. said...

Thanks for the You Tube link.

Bill, I so agree with you! We all took "change" to mean what it meant to US personally (which was no doubt change for the better) then we finally understood what Obama's idea of change was..........to change our country forever to the negative.

Anonymous said...

I want to hold that baby! Those ears are sooo cute! I'm not into political stuff but I like the animals.