Thursday, August 14, 2008

And Now, H-e-e-e-re's Roxy!

Roxy, our 3 month old English Shepherd pup, had her vet appointment today and all was well. She stole everyone's heart. We weren't there more than a few minutes when she began to take charge. Being a normal vet's office there were various animals in crates and on their owner's laps or sitting on the floor next to their owners. A mini fox terrier who was on her mom's lap decided to jump to the floor. Roxy barked at it and it immediately jumped back to the safety of mom's lap. I suppose this reinforced what came next. Every time a dog jumped down or moved more than a few inches away from it's owner Roxy would bark at it until it returned to the place it started out. She even tried to make a human return a cat cage to where she thought it should be. I finally held her muzzle in my hand for a few seconds and told her "enough". To my amazement she stopped her organizational OCD and just sat there watching everyone's comings and goings for the rest of the time!


Sam said...

Your blog looks really good I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. Make sure to put it in the link section of the Pasture Poultry group.

Sam/Pasture Poultry Group

Ben Simo said...

Glad to see your new blog.

Roxy sure is acting like an English Shepherd. :)

When we got Morgen, a rescue ES, at about 10 months old, he decided that our cats belonged under a big chair where he often saw them lounging. We'd correct him to let him know the cats didn't have to stay under the chair... Yet for months, nearly every time we'd come home after being out we'd find Morgen laying on the living room floor keeping an eye on the two cats he'd herded under the chair.

The cats finally learned to fight back and not let Morgen boss them around.


Judy said...

Hi Sandy . . . I love your blog! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Maggie Harkless said...

Great blog Sandy...thanks for sharing! Maggie