Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Visitor

This is Nicky. He's visiting for a few weeks while his family is on vacation. Nicky is actually a half-brother to my 2 English Shepherds, Roxie and Jack. After the initial introductions, which were less than favorable about a new dog being added to the group, Nicky has been trying to make friends. It hasn't been going well. At times it's downright ugly.
"Maybe the old guy, Indy, wants to play." "Sure kid, as soon as I finish my nap."
"Hey, Roxie, how about you? Want to play?" "Get lost, brat!"
"Hey, Jack, want to....." "Bug off, squirt!"
"I said NO!"
"What part of  'no' don't you understand. Now GET LOST!"
"He's still sleeping? Is he even alive? Well, at least he's not snarling at me."
"Somebody, please play with me!"
"Not fair. They finally aren't snarling and I'm hooked on a chain. C'mon, lemme go so I can pounce on 'em."

Folks are amazed that I currently have 4 dogs in the house. They ask me how I do that. Well, for starters, you have to like dogs, have a good sense of humor, especially when squabbles occur, and have a really, really good vacuum cleaner! At least I don't have 4 toddlers in the house. You can't put them in respective crates!
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kelly said...

ya, ginger knows how hard it is to to be the third wheel.

Shmoopywood said...

lol cute!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny! The expressions just said it all! - Juli

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahah!!!! what a hoot. - Kristine

Carol............. said...

That is really cute!