Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hint of Autumn

Up here in the north country summer is all too brief. Even now a chill can be felt in the night air and the crisp, cool stillness of early morning sends a message that a change of seasons will soon be upon us. Bright summer greens are starting to fade and get a yellowish tinge, there's lots of yellow in the fields as the ragweed is in full bloom. Even some trees are showing their eagerness to begin the change by trying on part of their new wardrobe just to see how it will look when they're in full color. We are quickly approaching my favorite season of the year. Autumn has so many wonders from the bright reds and yellows of the leaves to the smell of apples ripe on the trees begging to be picked. It's a season when I enjoy scuffing through the fallen leaves with the delight of a small child, and basking in the warm sunshine during the day and relaxing in the refreshing, crisp coolness of a fall evening. I've heard some people say they don't like Autumn because they know winter comes next. To me that's like saying you can't enjoy your vacation because you know you'll have to go back to work when it's over. Each day of our lives is a wonder. That summer and fall are so short makes them even more precious.

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A New England Life said...

And I'm one of those people who thinks that very same thing .. I hate knowing what comes after Autumn. Maybe if our summers were a month longer it wouldn't be so difficult to deal with but after 40+ winters I've about had enough.

Some of the tree's down on the coast have been changing for a while but I heard on the weather it was due to all the rain we had. Like the rest of us the tree's were stressed!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

They begin changing up here right about now, regardless of rainfall. It's just the mountain air I guess.