Monday, June 1, 2009

I Need A Hug!!!!

Yup, I've had one of those days. Actually it was one of those weeks. Unlike my DIL I didn't take pictures of the catastrophes so you'll just have to use your imagination.

I suppose it started a weekend ago when someone didn't close the house door tight enough and Pippin, the goat, got into the house. I was in the barn and heard Indy, our 11 year old weimaraner, clawing at the door. Thinking he must really need to go out I ran to the house, opened the door, and saw, to my great surprise, a large white goat. (Now this is where I didn't stop to take pictures.) Indy hightailed it out of there but Pippin didn't think she was quite ready to leave and had to be convinced that goats do not belong in the house. After removing said goat I decided it was best to survey the damage. Guess she hadn't been inside very long because everything was still intact. But... she had pooped and peed on the oriental carpet in the living room. OK, so I guess the carpet needed cleaning anyway, I just hadn't planned on doing it right then.

My week wasn't much better. There wasn't any specific catastrophes but just lots of little annoyances. When little annoyances accumulate they build to big annoyances. Plus the weather was cold and rainy, and cold and rainy, and cold and rainy.... Very depressing indeed.

DH and I had plans on Saturday which got waylaid when I found a sheep limping on Saturday morning. Upon further investigation I found she had mastitis on one side. Had to have been an injury as she had successfully been nursing twins for the past 2 months. So DH had an unplanned butchering to do. (Again, didn't stop to take pictures.) He's getting faster at it and in a few hours he was done. But it was just long enough to put a crimp in our travel plans for the day. So we went to plan B.

Did get to see my daughter and grandkids in southern NH for an all too brief visit. Hadn't seen them in months so the visit wasn't nearly long enough. And we saw the new Star Trek movie - very good. So those were the positives of the weekend. But the negatives were that DH and I were both tired, disappointed that our plans had changed, and the stress showed in the argument we got in to.

I was hoping this week would be better. Awoke this morning to an unusual sound - a chicken in the driveway. Now that doesn't seem like an unusual sound when you live on a farm but, since the chickens are supposed to be penned up at night, a chicken shouldn't have been in the driveway at that early hour. I looked out my bedroom window and, not only did I see the chickens running around, I saw that the barn gate was wide open. I hurriedly threw on my clothes and raced out to the barn. Fortunately the goats hadn't wandered far and were quite willing to follow me back into the barn. I was worried that our 2 Great Pyrenees had escaped but I found that they hadn't been let out of the other section of the barn last night. On one hand that was a good thing, on the other they had decided to have a wrestling match and knocked over a 25 lb. bag of white clover seeds (that cost $150) that were now scattered all over the floor. (Nope, no pictures.) Also found that the small door to the chicken coop had been left open and the goat kids were obviously small enough to squeeze through. Yummy chicken feed in their tummies and a few broken eggs on the floor as they had tried to eat the hay in the nest boxes, pulling the eggs out with it! (Again, no pictures.)

So the first part of my morning was spent scooping up clover seeds, making sure everyone was back where they belonged and generally straightening up all the mess. I had an appointment to get my summer tires on (ok, I know it's June but, hey, up here we could still have a blizzard you know). Had asked my grandson to take the truck to the garage for me but apparently he forgot because he was still sleeping when it was time to leave. So off I went to the Chevy garage. By this time I felt like if any more stress was added I was going to blow. Got out of the truck at the garage and saw DH drive in. Apparently the grandson damaged yet another tire and rim on his car. Yup, that was just the kind of added stress I was talking about. I just couldn't deal with anything more so I just shrugged my shoulders, gave a big sigh and turned to go get my tires changed. I guess that wasn't exactly the response DH was looking for so he got really upset. Well, that's great, I thought. He's gone for the week and that's not a good note to leave on. My mother used to say that couples should never go to bed angry. How about going to work angry and being gone all week? And I found out it's going to cost $340 to fix a problem I've been having with the fan in the truck. Later on in the afternoon I was getting some lumber down from where we store it in the rafters and fell off the step stool, landing in some other lumber. Turned my ankle, bruised my backside and hit the back of my head. (Definitely didn't take pictures!)

So yeah, I need a hug - make it a big one!!! Thanks for letting me rant.


Bethany said...

oh, I'm sorry you've been having a rough week. I'll be praying that it gets better for you soon!

Lisa said...

OH Sandy I am so sorry, sounds like a horrible last few days!! Try to think positively and hope that the worst is over!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your rough week.
~Blessings ~ to be sent your way

A New England Life said...

Wow, that really is a bad week-end! I sure hope the week is getting better for you.

One thing my husband has always said, 'just think of how much less stress we would have if we didn't have the animals'. I know it's true but I just love them all the same.


Andrea said...

H ope today is better.

U p-lifting thoughts sent your way.

G oats are just curious critters.

grammy said...

Wow, that's enough to make my blue Monday post seem like 'nothing much'. Sorry it is all wacky right now for you. ((hugs)) consider yourself hugged. So glad you weren't hurt worse. Now that would be awful. Hope your week is looking better. Sun would help us both.

Maggie said...

Sandy -
There must be something in the air. My Monday started finding four 270 lb pigs who had clevered themselves into the barn runway. Unsupervised pigs will get into anything & everything they can get their snouts around(as I'm sure you know!)I didn't take pictures either. That waythere is no lingering evidence! Hope your week is getting better!

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

Ah man! What a week! and you don't even have toddlers! I'm not sure pictures would have added much to my imagination. I'm still stuck on what a rug looks like when a goats done with it?! Glad I don't know actually...

Consider yourself hugged, and that I just had a dump truck unload a bed of Hershey's kisses on ya. And just enjoy.

That'll make things better.

Unless it gets stuck in your drive or hits a chicken-then I didn't mean to add to your troubles


Nana said...

Ok Sandy, consider yourself hugged. I would notlast one day on that farm of yours that you love so much! You are one super woman! Tell your DH hello for us. I know with the farm you do not travel but if you decide to come our way let us know. Hugs and hugs to you !

An English Shepherd said...

Huggs from Wizz :-)

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Thanks for all your hugs and blessings sent my way. My week has gone better. Of course anything would be an improvement right? And I really like the Hershey kisses idea. A truck load would have been just about right!