Thursday, September 8, 2011

New "Government Math" Diet

For those who understood using "government math" to get our new tractor free, I don't see why that same principle wouldn't work for dieting. If I eat a salad for lunch, saving 400 calories from what I could have had, that means that the 2 donuts I had for breakfast only netted 100 calories. Then if I have carrot sticks for snack, another salad for supper, I would save another 600 calories or so. If I apply that to an 800 calorie banana split that I want for dessert, then it would only be 200 calories. That means I've only had 300 calories so far for the day, meaning I can pig out on chips while watching TV without having to worry. Hey, works for me!
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Carol............. said...

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around ANYTHING that involves the government's involvement in our lives. They are simply not intelligent enough to figure out even the basic economic problems...........