Monday, August 29, 2011

He's Here!

Meet BK, that handsome redhead in the back. I'll bet you can sense a story coming about the name, and you're right! DH wants to name him Barack but I refuse to let him insult that poor donkey's intelligence. My daughter, granddaughter and I want to name him Kirby, after a favorite character in a movie. So his name is Barack Kirby, or BK because I refuse to call him Barack. Anyway, BK, aka Kirby, is a 5 month old miniature donkey, who will eventually be a pasture mate to the horse. Right now, he's hanging out with 3 goat kids and 2 Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs until he grows a little bigger. Making new friends is always fun.
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Delirious said...

Very cute! Aren't those what they call "St. JOseph's" donkeys because of the cross on their back? It would be interesting to know if this was indeed the kind of donkey that Mary rode.

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I'm not familiar with that term, but most donkeys have that cross and dorsal stripe. Donkeys haven't changed much throughout history, so a donkey back then is probably the same as one now. This is a miniature donkey so she probably rode a standard size.

Andrea said...

Such a little sweetie!