Friday, December 11, 2009

Talon's Finally Here!

After a harrowing week on a horse transport trailer, several delays due to the snow storm, the trailer being stuck in a 3' drift then plowed in by a snow plow, and the trailer unable to get up the 1st big hill on our road, Talon is finally here!

When the transport was stuck on that hill only 4 miles from home, 1/2 the town turned up for the event. A local man plowed a space in a field down hill which allowed the transport trailer to back into the field, out of the road, and to turn around. Then he borrowed someone elses 2 horse trailer and drove Talon the rest of the way, helping me unload him and getting him into his paddock, which was no easy task given it was after dark and in the middle of a nor'easter.

I showed Talon where his hay and water were in the shelter, then removed his halter. He promptly went out of the shelter into the storm and wouldn't let me anywhere near him. I can't say as I blame him after all he'd been through the past week. And there wasn't even another horse to tell his troubles to, only sheep and goats in the next pen looking at him like he was Mr. Loch Ness, and wildly barking LGDs 2 pens over that had never seen a horse before. I know he went back into the shelter after I left but wasn't taking any chances being around this human who had captured him in the great unknown.

This morning, however, was quite a different story. "Yes, I am quite ready for breakfast, thank you." I even got some kisses on the cheek. I had to have Nate come out for pictures because I couldn't get far enough away from him to take a picture of anything besides a close up of his nose. I think he was seriously thinking of eating the camera!

So this morning I am thankful for having nice, warm shelter from the storm, for Talon arriving safe and sound, and for living in a town where folks go out of their way to help a neighbor in need. And, as always, thankful to have a wonderful hubby who indulges my horse habit.

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Andrea said...

Oh my, all the way from Montana!
Welcome home Talon.
He is a beauty and you're going to have such fun. Merry Christmas.